Little luxuries: July

I have nothing to offer as a favourite of July, I'm sorry!  There hasn't been anything new i've loved and I didn't want to find a bunch of new things in the name of blogging and showcase them because that would be lying, and I want to keep this space of the net as transparent and true as possible.

But I think having no new favourites to show actually does something good here. It means I've found a decent stash of items or ideas I've been loving and have held tightly to them. Without needing to add anything new, I have come to enjoy what I already have.

Which I guess, is a new thing- so maybe that's my July favourite? My luxury of the month,

Enjoying what I have.


Dreaming of...Barcelona

This summer i'm looking at some places worth wander lusting after. Imagine you are off to_______: what do you pack?

I blame the Spanish shows I've been watching on Netflix as the reason I want to travel to Spain. Specifically Barcelona, with its Gaudi architecture and indoor market halls full of cool juice bars. I would love to spend the day at the beach soaking in the Mediterranean sun followed by an evening on a rooftop terraza watching the sunset over the city.  Have you ever been? What's it like? Awesome I could imagine.

For an escape to Espana, I would pack:


Summer Nail Polish

What nail colour do you gravitate towards during Summer? Red, pink, blue, clear?

I've been a red and coral coloured gal for many, many moons but recently I've been getting into light pinks. The best shades for me have been a toss up between Essie Fiji and Minimalistic & I use both together.  Fiji is a bright, bubble gum pink (even though they market it as a sheer pale pink) that looks really flattering on my feet but not on my hands since it's very pigmented and that's scary for me!

So that's where Minimalistic comes in- a cousin to Fiji, it's a light purple based pink that's muted enough to not overwhelm my hands. They're not identical colours but very very similar, so the pairing is perfect. They make my nails look clean and my skin tanned if you can believe it.

I bet both shades would compliment any skin tone.

I'm a fan!


Traveling by Orient Express

How do you travel? Do you prefer cars over planes, trains over ships? I have to say, even though a plane is 100 times faster than every form of travel, I will always love a good train ride. Something about the smooth sound of wheels on tracks puts me in a good mood.


100 years of Beauty around the globe

Have you seen any videos from the series 100 years of Beauty? It's appeared all over my social media links lately and I thought it was neat and wanted to share. It's produced through the site Cut Video and so far they have 9 episode from this series, one about beauty trends in The USA (two segments), Iran, Korea, The Phillipines, Russia, India, Mexico and Italy being the latest.

 I like how you see the transformation from one decade to the next and how it really shows the cyclical nature of fashion and beauty, how everything comes full circle again only altered slightly. Everything new sort of infers back to a period of popular culture in history doesn't it? (Think skinny jeans, retro, Birkenstocks.) And beauty and fashion are no exceptions!

They also include videos and inspiration boards behind each countries beauty look so you can see the historical influence behind their styling choices.

All those long hair styles makes me miss my medium length hair!



The first day of the convention rained and rained without ceasing. And we worried it wouldn't stop in time for the earth to dry up for the next couple days, where we'd BBQ and explore the Pymatuning State Park. But it did, and though it was soggy and damp on Friday we hiked along trails throughout the morning just in time for the sun to shine bright come noon.  After lunch we sunned under a game of football on towels that were damp from the wet grass. And we had fun. Fun exploring, fun shopping, fun eating Five Guys burgers. Fun being together.


Taking a break

Friends, i'm taking a week off blogging to sit back and enjoy the summer season. I'm looking forward to relaxing with friends and taking a trip or two and it's nice to get away and unplug occasionally. Summer vacations are perfect for this! I'll be brainstorming new ideas and will have some fresh content up soon.

Meanwhile, here are some links you might have missed:

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Summer reads for wherever you are.

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