Little Luxuries: August

August is a strange month, isn't it? Like it's still summer but almost sort of like fall, and one moment the weather is blistering hot then it switches to a perfectly cool temperature that seems almost...September. There are a million different kinds of fruits for sale at market alongside the first apples that are starting to come in.

Apple pie, plaid shirts, brown boots(!)...

Ok, ok- enough fall talk. I still want to enjoy summer; it seemed like it took forever to get here.

Back to August.
It was a good one. Visiting with friends, attending weddings, running VBS camps and eating bbq'd corn (the best!) August yielded all the gems summer has to offer. I've always held August dearly because it was the exciting prelude to the school year where you'd start revving up for back to school by clothes shopping and course picking.

But now, in this new season of life school-free, August has become it's own distinct mark on the calendar.

Here are some things that I liked about August:

Custard Yellow
I NEVER knew I could wear yellow with my fair skin. I'd always assumed because my skin has slight tones of pink in it that I would look haggard and sad wearing such a bright colour. I remember my high school fashion teacher giving us a colour matching 101 lesson and her expression when she said "I could never wear yellow, I'd look dead!". She had fair skin and so did I, so I thought it would be the same. That is until this little number waltzed into my life and wow, have I ever been missing out on custard yellow. It makes my tan pop that much more which is saying a lot because I am not...tanned. And it's just so nice! Ah, custard yellow- you are my summer spirit animal.

Clinique Black Honey
I picked this almost-lipstick up late in the month but i've used it every moment since- it's the nicest shade of raisin red that flatters my lips without colouring them too much. (Apparently this colours compliments everyones skin tone.) I'm always on the hunt for makeup products that "enhance" the natural colours and lines of my face, so when I stumbled upon this holy grail item promising just that I had to give it a try. Not disappointed. It's a definite re-buy.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Tell me i'm not the only person who falls in and out of book reading moods! I do, ashamed as my English major self is, find moments of time where I just don't feel like reading anything. I don't want to pick up a book or even think about starting one. During this funk I was given this book on loan from a lady at my church who loved it and thought i'd love it too. So I gave it a shot one night expecting the same dismal results as all the other books i'd tried reading during said funk. But I was pleasantly surprised! I literally ripped through this book one afternoon, I couldn't stop reading. It's really intriguing and so witty, as the English tend to be.


Summer thoughts

Now that summer is almost ending (no!) i've decided to reflect a bit on this fast season.

I love summer like that old sweater that fits you well. Overtime it started to hug the crevices of your body until it felt like a second skin. Summer was like that for me, an entity that snuggled into my heart over time  because I had to look over all the hot, humidity of summer air to appreciate it.

Because there are things unique about Summer that no other seasons can boast, not even it's sister, Spring. And it wasn't until lately that I noticed how fond i'd become of the isms of Summer, the little things that make up a feeling.

Things like

Slipping on sandals

Listening to crickets in the evening

The warmth of summer nights

The quiet, early mornings full of golden sun

The grey light before a thunderstorm.

These little moments, simple but striking, are like a love song from God that come together -like instruments-and form this wonderful symphony called "summer".

And it keeps playing in my mind, over and over. Long after the song is done.


Elora photo diary

If you've been following my on instagram you know I spent the last weekend in Elora with some friends. It was my first time going and it was a great time!


Dark Nails for Summer

I've already mentioned a few colours i've been loving for summer nails recently, but I found another one and I wanted to know:

what do you think of dark nail colours in summer?

I picked up this lovely marsala nail colour a while ago and though I love it, I can't tell if I like it for summer. It's a really flattering shade but after a few coats I started thinking, this is pretty dark for wearing in summer. Maybe it would be better for fall. 

Curiously, I looked online to see what collection it belongs to and it's a Spring/Summer shade.

So now i'm torn!

I know you can wear whatever colours you want in whatever season you'd like, but for some reason I just feel like brighter colours match the summer more...? I do, however, love burgundy nails in transitions to fall. The colour looks so nice with a subtle tan.

What do you think? Do all dark colours fit the colour palate of summer?


Link Love: 1

The internet has so many interesting/cool/funny links, sometimes I want to share them all! So instead of spamming everyone endlessly with a whole bunch of short links, I've compiled them into a small list here for your perusal:

A video about 23 things Karlie's learned at 23

One of my favourite blogger Joanna from A Cup of Jo did a podcast interview and I love it!

A favourite blogger of mine muses on social media and how it makes us look and feel

The graduating class of 2019 will never know a life without Wifi! (among other things, like Google)

Jigsaw puzze photo LOL  (her channel is my favourite comedy channel on Youtube)

The saddest man on earth


LUSH cleanser

Im a skincare junkie. I love a good cleanser, a great balm, a superb moisturizer.  Which means that I often switch up my products from time to time to try something new. But once in a while I come across such a good product I don't care to try another. This, is one of them.

I stumbled upon this pot of cleanser by accident. I went into LUSH for a toner and as LUSH does, they sucked me in like the Lotus Hotel and Casino, but in the best way possible. I came out with a handful of samples I couldn't wait to try (skincare junkie remember!) and one of them was this gentle, earthy smelling facial exfoliant/cleanser that is, indeed, a bunch of angels on your skin.

It's made of soft kaolin clay that cleanses, finely ground almonds and lavender that exfoliates; it leaves my skin feeling so clean and balanced it's pretty awesome.  Get a sample and you'll see what I mean!

I usually get the smallest pot and it lasts ages, well over the expiration date (oops, sorry).  The only downfall is it's a bit arts-in-crafts in the sense that it's messy and you have to make the product into a paste in your hand, but don't let that deter you. Once you get the hang of using it it's really easy.

I usually use it in the AM or in the PM if I have no eye makeup on. It's not good for taking off makeup so don't chuck your other cleanser just yet. But seriously, check it out! Your skin is nuts soft after. Nuts!

Do you use LUSH products? What's your favourite?


Quick thoughts on creativity

I was watching a video by this YouTuber about quotes she found motivational and she mentioned a quote by Ira Glass that I really liked and wanted to share:

Glass basically says that creating something takes a lot of time, it's not something that happens right away. He says that creative beginners (in any field) usually feel discouraged if their work sucks or they don't feel like they're doing as well as they would like to because they come to assume that if they don't produce something great right away, they've failed. Or they aren't good. So they quit.

But he argues that though your work WILL suck at the beginning (even YEARS), your taste still stays strong throughout. Taste is the reason you begin creating in the first place, because you love it and you get it. And eventually your taste will get to the level you want it to be on.

But only those who keep working at it by practice and repetition ever get to that place in their life.

I loved it! What a refreshing way of looking at the creative process.

I know I feel waves of self doubt ALL the time when I take pictures or write this blog , and it was refreshing to hear his perspective on creativity and creating content.

Watch Ira's actual interview about storytelling here. It's where this quote comes from and it's really interesting!

What do you think? Does Ira make a good point for creative work? What motivates you to keep blogging or writing or filming or cooking or ANYTHING?