Autumn Uniform

What's your go-to Autumn outfit?
Now that the weather here basically went from early fall to the beginning of winter in 5 seconds flat, I've started to switch over my summer closet to my fall/winter one.
Most days when I'm running errands or have an off-duty day i'll keep my outfit simple and casual with a generous helping of warm clothing.

I'm a seat warmer turned to the max kinda gal when the weather hits cold so the cozier the better!

I feel like my is pretty typical but I'll usually wear...

Shirt: HUSH-UK Jacket: H&M Scarf: OUTDOOR&COUNTRY  Boots: ACNE Pants: LEVI Makeup: DIOR


Favourite Things: September

Back from the dead, i've decided to write a small post about some things I enjoyed this month. I have to say, taking a break from blogging has been pretty nice! Not that I find this little hobby stressful in any way, but taking a small hiatus means having one less thing to think about methodically.

I can just post when the mood strikes. Like right now. Woohoo!

I really enjoyed September. It was calm and new but had the heat of summer so it felt like a strange hybrid of seasons. And it just felt nice.  If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a snap with a caption about bottling up the mellow, content, feeling of a warm autumn day for use on a cold, dismal one in the middle of Winter (which was met by laughter from my younger neighbour who kept asking if I wanted to put "this" or "that"  in a "jar") (To which I replied, duh! The bigger the "jar" the better!) and I really stand by that.  Take moments that make you feel good, make you feel satisfied and calm in the midst of a change of mood, life, scenery, etc. Maybe it's a particular scent, or sweater or memory or feeling.

And when you're find yourself overwhelmed just open the jar you've saved for a while, and remember that things are good and things change and the jar is just a reminder of what can be which is better than thinking the worst of wherever you are.

Nora Ephron "I feel bad about my neck".
I've wanted to read this book for ages, but I  held off on it because didn't know if I'd like it. I wasn't sure i'd be able to relate to her essays since I thought they would all discuss the musings of a 30 + lady which, I am not. But I'm happy I didn't stick to that silly rational and read the book because it's become one of my recent favourite books. I found it while browsing a used book shop and snatched it up immediately. Her writing is honest, funny, and simple, talking about things I know-as a women in society- I will eventually feel, if I already don't in a different way (ie. replace the aging neck with anything else women my age seem to worry about) . Her small essays about life and love are easy little reads before bed. I'm looking forward to more Ephron in the future.

Essie "Sugar Daddy"
You can never go wrong with a sheer, pink manicured nail. It's like the Mercedes Benz of the beauty world-expensive and understated. Though I still stand by my beloved Nail Glow, this polish has become a close second secret to having a perfectly manicured nail without the salon. It's sheer enough that it builds with a few coats, but even two layers leaves a beigy-pink tint to nail beds. Don't let the bright pink bottle fool you, it won't be as sugary pink as it appears.  It will be better!

Striped Sweater
I have too many stripes, this is no secret.  I had to do a deep cull of striped shirts,skirts,jackets etc. before I could think about getting a new sweater, and it took a while believe it or not to find a striped sweater I actually liked, one that fit well and was made of 100% cotton. The last sweater I owned shrunk to crop top heaven and I was devastated because out of all the striped clothes I owned, that single one was my favourite. Of course! So ever since last year, I browsed and tried on all the potential replacements with no success until this one, an H&M purchase found on a whim, that I will try desperately to keep in good shape. 

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Ryan Adam does Swift

I'm interrupting my blog break to bring you Ryan Adam's cover of Taylor Swifts entire 1984 album. It is so good! Like, really, really. I'm not the biggest Swift fan (though her recent album is dangerously catchy) but Adam takes her songs and puts a nice layer on them, a mellower, more rock-ish vibe I feel. It doesn't even sound like Swift and I am not even mad.

Take a listen for yourself below! What do you think?


An update

I've been struggling with my blogging voice. I'll be honest. It started off strong, then went a bit squeaky now it's almost gone. The amount of posting lately has dwindled to a halt as i'm sure you've noticed and it's because I really don't know what I want to post about/ don't know how I want to deliver it.  I feel like Ariel, i've lost my voice.

Which is, basically, a small death to a blog.

Though I read blogs constantly- they're my magazine subscriptions- and lately through reading I have found myself quietly comparing others successes with my own (a bad habit, I know!). I admire their creativity, their blog voice, their persona which  then leads me into this big internal debate about blogging in general and I start thinking  what even is my blog?!?! Is it good?? Should I just throw in the towel because letsbehonest mine isn't half as awesome as theirs? 

I know, I know -silly thoughts you say. I see you shaking your head.
But they're valid ones none the less, in this wild wild west we call the internet. I'm sure you've felt this way too, even if you don't write a blog.

But do you ever feel like this, artists of the internet (or elsewhere), or anyone? Is this an artists dilemma? Is this a mid-blogging crisis?

Do I buy the internet equivalent of a shiny, red, sports car and call it a day?


do I wait, trusting my gut- letting my imagination rest and rejuvenate itself, not rushing the creative process but letting it flow back to where it once was? Where I want it to be?

The sports car solution would be easier, but I think I know the right answer.

Because trying to turn a blog in a new direction is much like turning a car with your bare hands- it's tough but eventually the car budges. So I'm hoping that with a bit of effort, a serious sit-down to get back into writing, and an ignition of inspiration I can turn this car around and get going.

Will you...bare with?


Link Love 2

Another round up of links coming your way! I haven't been in a blogging mood lately, just a browsing mood. I don't know why. Maybe i'm in one of those internet funks, the kind that arises out of unintentional comparison or maybe i'm lacking inspiration.

A bit of both i'm willing to say,  which hopefully sorts itself out soon!

In the meantime, here are some links in lieu of a post.

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The Parisian floors are so detailed and beautiful!


Hair(y) feelings

For whatever reason, every Fall I get the urge to change my hair.
And by change I mean cut.