Breathing and stopping

Today has been a good day.
The kind that ends on a comforting note, like the end of your favourite song:

you feel content.

The sun is brighter and warm streaming in from the open window
 and a calmness is about the room that hasn't been in a little while.

New changes bring new challenges and the most rewarding thing is being able to overcome what you fear not by only facing it, but by accepting that: new fear is apart of a new life and new, unknown, beginnings. Looking into a dark tunnel is nerve-wracking, but how you look into it is more important.

This is a life lesson I am being pelted with at every angle.

Acceptance, embracement, perspective.

The struggle to want to be bitter when you know that your mood is affecting the circumstance.

Of saying what you say even though you probably shouldn't say it only to regret it later on and have its results coat the rest of your day like frosting on a cake.

Sometimes I will blurt out stupid thoughts only to realize after that they weren't fully processed enough to publish. But they will linger in the air all day after they've been said. And that is the worst feeling.

Gutted by your own language. Betrayed by your words.

But today, after struggling with this feeling over and over I finally just decided that the world doesn't revolve around me people actually think less about me than I care to realize.  I embraced the day as a part of a life I am building and creating

and accepted that sometimes, parts will suck. And I am not perfect.

But I will continue to step over these low moments 

and carry on.


Little things

As of late...

I went to a hockey game and remembered how much fun live sporting events can be (for a non-sports person)

I finished Bittersweet and enjoyed it, but probably not as much as Cold Tangerines 

I started my final placement

I enjoyed coffee on the house.


March Favourites

Thought i'd give the famous favourites post a chance. It's a small bunch of products but i've been using them non-stop so,  I think that's the point of a favourite right?

The Body Shop Almond Hand Creme
The bad thing about working at the mall is that you inevitably shop. I mean, I was going for food and came back with hand cream... But i don't regret it. It was on sale for 10$ and I was looking for a new hand cream so I thought i'd give it a shot. It has a soft almond-y, nutty, smell and is very nourishing. But careful: a little really goes a long way. I suggest squeezing lightly when applying to hands, or you'll get a big cold dollop of almond!

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip balm in Red Dahlia 
My latest obsession has been reddish lips and nude nails (see next fave) and I wanted a lip balm that was nourishing with a good red tint to it. I thought a lip butter would do the trick (read: bought a few and failed)  but I find they dry out just like a regular lipstick. So when I stumbled upon this on Pinterest I was ready to purchase! It's around 8$ a tube which is pretty psycho for lip balm but I view this as a lipstick with lip-balm qualities so that's how I justified it. I really do like this lip balm, it gives the perfect reddish tint without being too red for everyday AND you can apply it without a mirror!  Mascara, bit of bronzer, and this balm: day look is good to go.

Wet n Wild mega last nail polish in 2% Milk
Nude nails are always a good idea. I used to hate the idea of just plain beige-pink nail polish but somewhere along the way I chucked my hate to the curb and embraced this classic look. Possibly because nude nail polish is easier to maintain from day to day and I have basically zero patience to do nails anymore.  I have fair skin and a few nude polishes I already owned were washing my skin out. They made my nails look dirty and yellowish because they didn't match my skin tone. After some googling I came across this nail colour and for the super expensive price of under 3$ I decided to try it out. What a difference complimenting your skin-tone makes! I usually need only 2 coats to give my nails a nice paint and once the paint is dry, and you rub some hand creme into your skin, your hands look amazing!

LUSH Fresh Face Masks
Forgot to include this in the picture above. Total mistake since this stuff has been way high on the favourites list. I love face masks like no other. I feel really clean and refreshed after a good mask session so whenever I can squeeze one in I will. Only problem for me was that I didn't want to waste any food on it (4 egg whites? No thanks!) so I had to find another solution. Enter LUSH. Randomly I became obsessed with their natural-vibey products and saw their face mask bar perched at the back of the store. Couldn't resist so I picked up a small pot, slightly hesitantly because I thought 10$ was a bit much for it. But it's really lasted a long time since I've gotten it and I've used quite a bit. I think over a month and a bit has gone by and I still have enough for probably 4-5 good uses. I'm trying to use it up so I can try another kind. I feel this is a little bargain gem! I've been using Brazened Honey.


Dear March

Dear march

What was up with your weather?
Honestly, I know you are the lion/lamb month but you shouldn’t try to play both parts at the same time, ok? Just for future reference. It messes with sinuses and internal balances like a bad cold (oh wait….)

But when you decided to play lamb for a short while, I became infinitely anxious for spring and warmer weather it promises. Like through all the snow and cold (which I loved, but in moderation) there was a sliver of warm trying to creep up through the cold dirt.  And I was excited.

And I still am, even at the end of the month when it’s still pretty cold because the sun feels just a little warmer today on the back of my neck and the flowers in the stores are the kind you find when Easter is near. 

And Easter, to me, always means spring, renewal, and new birth.

It’s when the sleepy winter melt away into new beginnings, be it tiny green buds or mini-eggs or a birds song reminding me that the cold bitterness isn’t meant to last forever

There is still hope in the smallest forms that come right when needed most,
 just in the nick of time.

Thanks for being that month March. 


Ready for Spring


On Monday

Monday, Monday
you get a bad wrap

as the ender of fun
the beginning of dread
the day that requires much coffee and
endless yawning

and I'll admit I do feel this way about you from time to time.  Some seasons more than others.

But it's not your fault most of us dread your arrival, really. It's just that you come when we all wish it was Sunday just one more time.

A forever weekend crowd. People wishing for Friday, dreading Monday and all the priorities that come with you.

But I bet

if you could talk you'd tell us that we're looking at you all wrong.
That our perspective of you tells us how we feel about ourselves, how we view our lives.

Why do you dread Monday? you would ask us from a therapists chair. Is it because I remind you of all the things you don't want to do? Of a less than desired situation you've found yourself in? Why not look at Monday as the opening moment of the week to seize the day? The beginning where you can plan and be inspired and motivated for the rest of your week? Why look at me like I came out of nowhere?

You knew I would arrive eventually.

Monday fold its arms, kneeling back into the soft lazy chair and smiles slightly as it says

Choose how you would like to deal with Me. 


La Dolce Far Niente

It's Friday and the end of a fast-paced week. I am one small step away from being finished schooling for (hopefully) a little while and thought i'd take this day off to bask in la dolce far niente.

It's nice to take the smallest moments off for yourself and just close your eyes and slump into whatever your sitting on.

This Friday (and the grey, blustery weather) was made for it.

And as the wind raps against my window pane I listen to this song, and most of the album. Because his songs for whatever reason, make me feel like Spring.

Spring on this grey-drenched day.


Rambles on technology

It's a sunny day in my little town and spirits are just a bit brighter. After the longest winter I can remember we're able to finally emerge from our caves and shake our fur fresh.

I take the bus to school and sit in my usual spot at the very back near the window so I can look out along the ride. People mill on and mill off all going distant places but with one thing in common: they're all on their phones.