Items I can't travel without

Hello! how was your weekend? I hope it was as nice as mine. I had the chance to visit two dear friends in two different cities and it was super (more on that later).


Life Lately: 2

The day the picture above was taken, it felt like summer in the middle of April. The house was cold in the shadows of its walls but anywhere touched by sun was hot and bright. 


Book Thoughts: All the lights we cannot see

All the light we Cannot See by Anthony Doer

This is the first book-ish review i've ever done since probably grade school so bare with me if it stinks.



Thank you!

Wanted to write a quick thank you to all those who are following along with me on this journey!
Your comments, likes, follows, page views, and shout outs are acknowledged everytime and very encouraging.

 You are the best :)



A girl reading, in Praha. 

A couple weeks ago I went to an evening yoga class alone.

Yes, I did. And you're probably wondering why I feel this is important to tell you about. Well, it's important because I almost didn't go.


A quick trip

Even though the sun was bright and warm, the winds off the St. Clair River cut sharply over my face. You know how you want to hunch over and conceal all your heat to your body when it's cold? Yes, I did that which resulted in many a hunched-back photo. (Sorry D!)