Warm French Lentil Salad

I was up for a different kind of meal recently and found some lentils in my cupboard.


Little luxuries: March

"Luxury, in its new context (and in the very truest form of its vogue over the centuries) is the enjoyment of the best in life: the experience of beauty, knowledge, and humanity at their deepest and most inspiring. It is the sweetness of life. Luxury could be a sunset, a song, a moment of peace and satisfaction, a perfect cup of tea, a wonderful book or a poignant photograph in a local art gallery. From this perspective, luxury is any jolt of beauty or wonder that reminds us to love the life we’re living, and to not simply live it, but to devour it gleefully and scoop up any crumbs that are left over–to not let a second of this fantastic existence go to waste."


Short rain boots

One of my best purchases ever has been short rain boots. I found wearing full-sized wellingtons to be a bit too much for me if I wasn't somewhere in nature or knee-deep water. I wanted a shoe that would suit multiple settings, kept my feet dry, could be easily packed for a trip, and looked good. A lot of boxes to tick off.

Chelsea rain boots were the compromise I came to and cannot stress how great they are, how much use i've gotten out of them since purchasing.  They're comfortable, easy to clean and I can "accidentally" walk into puddles without consequence. So much winning. 

Mine are Chelsea boots from Joe Fresh a year ago.

I like these, and these, and these as well!


Thoughts on spring

After the longest winter, we crave Spring. The warmer wind, the buds on trees, the flowers! The heat! We want to feel the soft heat radiating on our bare arms.

And from the earth bursts these tiny, fragile blooms so delicate and bright it’s hard to believe they came out of such coarse, crumbly dirt, dirt that’s been sitting under tons of snow for months and months.

But nature does that, renew itself. It’s pretty fantastic, I think, to see how strong the environment is after its been pummelled with the harshest winds and coldest ice.

It comes out ok. Sometimes stronger.

A testament to new beginnings, an example of what we are capable of once our personal Springs come.

Because we were spun out of love and dust, formed by Godly hands with parts of nature- and sometimes we get hit with ice and snow and sleet and heavy, heavy winds that seem never ending. Our environment engulfing us. But through that climate we grow stronger and stronger till

Like flowers

We shoot out from the crumbly dirt that seemd hopeless and uninhabitable

And begin to rise, our blooms revealing colours brighter than before.

Reminding everyone, and ourselves, that being down doesn't always mean being out. 



Day trip

In the spirit of small trips D and I took a quick trip to Erieau for a change of scenery and good eats. Though the temp was higher and warmer for March it still felt cold with the wind coming off the frozen (but thawing!) lake. We trekked around Rondeau and the lighthouse in Erieau, finishing our stay with dinner at Bayside Brewery. As you can see, the food was perfect. (not pictured: unreal winter salad with caramelized PEARS. Fancy.)


Guiness Chocolate Cupcakes

Happy St.Patricks! In the spirit of the Irish I thought i'd revisit a classic: stout cupcakes.