A vignette into a summer

I used to get funny looks from people passing by as I halted in the middle of the street with a camera

on manual focus.

and you know what manual focus means: lots of adjusting for sharpness

lots of stopping

lots of trying to snatch the moment for yourself, hoping


it's in focus.

I used to get side glances from people at cafe patios under beer-sponsored umbrellas

wondering with their eye what I was doing filming a place like this.

I used to, but not anymore.

Since i've come back they've been through this song and dance before.

Buses packed with back-packed people pour out and spill through the village limits

Pitching tents

Auditing church services from the balcony

wandering the forests with a compass and jugs of voda

snapping pictures and

watching, always watching. 

The influx of tourism brings many valuable things

but sometimes the prying eyes of passers by aren't as expected or welcomed.

But you get used to it, it seems

eventually you habituate and

the obscene coloured windbreakers of travellers blends into the bustle of the main part of town

like the patch of leaves changing colour on a tree.

As I walk through the limits of the village

and stop and prop my camera to gather the moments from this place I know so well

every crook

every slope

every hop skip and jump on the road

I laugh to myself at the visitors who pass me by

giving a nod and a greeting

thinking I am like them, unknowing that I've seen the sun set over these hills more times that they could imagine.


Night at the river

Where the colours blaze into a gradient black
with a wind soft and sharp 
blowing through holes in summer clothing 


To cook or not to cook

I'll be the first to admit I am horrible with food.

What I mean by this is setting aside time to cook or planning for it 

or making it in general. 

I want to eat and feel accomplished by making something with raw products I feel is akin to art but I just get so lazy after dreaming about it that I eat Oreos from the bag for dinner instead.

I've started reading Bread and Wine by one of my fave authors and she worded my problem so well that I thought I had said it aloud. Something along the lines of

once we read/see cooking we feel we've cooked the food, so when we need to eat we resort to a box or a tin or a microwave," exhausted from our imaginary and vicarious culinary exertions". And don't put the effort in.

Truer words, my friends.

This phenomenon has something to do with psychology but I'm too lazy to research it again.

Because I feel there's something so artistic and satisfying about making a meal out of random ingredients

where you take A and chop it

and add it to B


or too little

so that you get something just right.

And it takes time to learn.

My first experience with cooking contained a bunch of washed raw green beans and some slap-dashed vinaigrette made with Worcestershire sauce and salt.

And let me tell you it was disgusting.
And worser still is I forced it upon my family
which was the WORST because they pretended to like it.

Again, I'm sorry.

It's a funny thing though, thinking about food again because

I've had this book for a while and I just didn't feel like reading it. Casually thinking about a recipe a friend made from the book made me crack the spine and delve in. And maybe it's been timed just right because now

I feel i've found a bit of a project for myself.

A food project. Is there a better kind?

Where I try to build a working index of recipes I can preserve and make proudly

little, edible works of art.

Let's hope this time my imagination doesn't run away with itself

and like any person attempting anything in the entire world

I will start where I am.


September mood board

I loved the mood board Bonjour Luce posted recently. A collection of fall-ish things.

I've always been a collage person

a magazine cut/paste/arrange-er

so it's only normal that  I would transfer this skill onto Pinterest,  an extension of my 90's kid collage days.

One thing that's cool about Pinterest is that you pin things you like (duh) but also that the array of pins you post at any moment tend to be seasonally inspired. Which means a lot of cozy knits and comfort food and fall fashion has been popping up on my boards

getting me excited for the changing season.

Graphic organizers of any kind are always great for visual learners and those more inclined to visual inspiration, a way of organizing ideas and thoughts through images.

So taking Luce's cue I give you my mini mood/inspiration board for September.

* all images taken from here


Fashionable Fridays: Flats

* In which a story accompanies a piece of fashion, whatever it happens to be.

It’s been raining a lot lately


 on the verge of raining a lot.

You know, that heavy feeling the air has when it’s about to pour

And what happens when the rain does decide to fall?

You don’t have an umbrella


If you are me,

You aren’t wearing the proper shoes.

It was raining one high school day and  being the cool highschooler I was

I thought I’d wear my favorite flats.

Which have no support

Made of water absorbing material.

Basically fancy paper shoes

But I love(d) them and who cares! It’s just rain.

Instant regret

The rain came down in buckets that morning and I shlopped through every one of them



Cold and wet.

Vowing, once I got to school trying to dry my shoes under the hand dryers, that I would NEVER wear flats during any kind of rain, impending or happening.

And the hunt has been on ever since for the perfect rain shoe.*



Out and about

It's nice sometimes

on days off from obligation

to drive to new places with someone you like.

When you take off the expressway into small little towns with fancy light posts and old bank buildings

winding through  riverfront roads lined with big houses and boats

or oil empires.

It's nice sometimes

to stop to eat at some place unexpected when all you've had to eat that day was a

Nutella to go

and after that have a coffee filled to the brim.

And then you explore

the small sights each place has to offer

like where the second prime minister of Canada lays resting.

Or a little waterfront under a big bridge

where everyone comes to enjoy the waves and wind of the cold river

some floating down it in groups

some sitting at its edge

some boating.

And even though the language is the same you feel a bit foreign in this place that is not your home

Where you get surprised looks from people who calculate in their heads how far you live from here.

and what brought you up here?

It's nice sometimes to be somewhere new.


Dear August

Where has the time gone?
I feels like only May when I was planning all the summery things I’d do during

And forgot about August
the month before summer ends.

And just like that you arrive

and leave.

For me, you are always the relaxation month of the season.
Lazy and hazy with changing weather that makes fall clothing look itchy and hot

At first

Until closer to the end of the month when you sneak in cold pockets of air making me glad I bought that sweater I didn’t need.

You’ve also been a month of consistency.

Each August the same as the last

The precursor to the whole school year,

Where I’d use your days to plan and schedule and register for books and classes

Getting pumped (or deflated) for the start of fall semester
The workload
The essays

But all that’s come to an end now August, as I’m finished school

Finished my academic goals

And it’s a weird feeling knowing I wont be apart of the back to school bustle

(though I bought new pencils and duotangs because why not)

that your days have been spent otherwise.

But I don’t mind it.

It gives me the chance to see you through a different lens

with the cicadas humming early in the morning

and the sun fading slower over the sky.

The harbingers of the changing season. 

My changing season.