24th Birthday

This weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday(!) 


Lace up Flats

Everywhere I look I come across these pretty lace up flats. They look terribly stylish and modern, like a ballet shoe for the everyday girl. I especially like the d'orsay lace ups from anthropologie, as the front part cuts high on the foot. Super flattering.

What do you think? Cute, right!

PS. This site tells you how to DIY a pair of lace up flats!

Photos via topshop, anthropologie, and aldo


Getting older

There are a lot of terrifying things about growing older. Bills, expectations, dashed ideals and dreams- you know, basically everything that hits you post University when you suddenly wake up and realize your teen self would not recognize this shade of 23. Lewis Carroll said it best when he wrote “I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then."


Crimson Nails

I've always loved a good red nail. There's something elegant about it,  it almost feels like a nude polish; It goes with pretty much everything.


Leftover pizza

Here's something to try:

Instead of reheating leftover pizza in the microwave, try a skillet!


Clearing the clutter

I have, since May, donated 5 garbage bags of clothes.


Link Love 4

Happy Friday! What are your plans? I'll be doing some training for work and hanging with friends, probably seeing the newest Bond film. Are you a Bond fan? I never watched the older films but the Daniel Craig ones, I can get behind. Also,  I can't believe it's already November!  Not that i'm in any way enabling ANY Christmas ANYTHING right now but...it's close:)  This, is a good thing.

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