Tv Marathons

 I was talking to a co-worker the other day about what we we're watching on Netflix and I realized after listing my t.v shows...I've been watching a lot!


Coconut Oil

I've been on a quest to simplify my beauty routines. The less products I have in a regime the better; so many products get so confusing and expensive! If I can find a product that wears multiple hats without sacrificing quality i'm sold.


Snow in the city

I don't know what it is about this year but i'm craving snow. Craving a blanketing of white all over the city that glitters and shines in street light, cooling your cheeks and making the air feel fresh. It's been a mild winter compared to last year, with the polar vortex threatening to end all community out of the home, and I am pretty happy that it hasn't been terrible- but a good snowfall would be great right about now!

March is almost here (I know I know) so let's get going nature!

edit: Mother nature reads my blog! It started snowing out there again!

Learning to walk at 80


I met a lady the other day in her 80's who looked far from it.  By chance she wandered my way with her daughter and browsed around the shop. She was dressed simply and timeless; an elegant older lady shopping and pushing a walker. I thought nothing of it until she told me


Travelling Well in 2015

Street side in Budapest
So you've made the resolution to travel more this 2015? Haven't we all.
The promise of new adventures, great experiences and photographs to hold onto: everyone loves a good trip!

But It's tough, traveling. Or at least getting into the actual traveling mindset is.